Ponvia is a next generation conversational UX platform that enables organizations to configure and deploy intelligent conversational agents for voice, text, web and mobile interactions.

Simple to Build

Conversational agents are built utilizing a simple to follow markup language (DialogML) developed specifically for conversational interfaces.


Easily connect to multiple backend systems and services through built-in web services and REST based connectors.

Media Independent

Communicate with your conversational agent over phone, web speech, text and chat. Out of the box support for 50+ communication gateways and networks.

Reliable, Flexible and Secure

Scale up and out as utilization grows. Configure security features as necessary to conform to your policies and meet compliance mandates.


Get real-time and historical stats about each conversation with built in support for industry leading Big Data platforms as well as Google Universal Analytics.

Cloud Delivered

No need to install servers, networks or software. Ponvia is 100% cloud delivered. Just login, configure for your needs and it is ready to go.

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Ready to Run Agents

Get up and running quickly without the need for development!
Select from several Ready to Run Agents that can be quickly configured and deployed.


Virtual Operator

A next generational auto-attendant that provides callers with basic information and directs calls to the appropriate destination without the intervention of a human operator.


Virtual Receptionist

Provides answers to questions, interactive directions and guidance for your visitors over SMS. Visitors access the virtual receptionist by texting an SMS short code or scanning a QR code.


Virtual Concierge

Combines the power of Virtual Operator and Virtual Receptionist to provide a comprehensive self-service solution for your customers and visitors. Access to Virtual Concierge is available by phone and SMS.


Virtual Assistant

Provides a conversational user interface to any enterprise application. Enables users to interact with SFA, CRM, ERP and other applications via a conversation. Works over SMS, Chat and Browser.


Virtual Agent

Expand customer accessibility, increase agent productivity and reduce the operational cost of your contact center by providing a self-service solution that customers can access via phone, sms and chat.



Provide a conversational user interface to any IoT connected device that greatly simplifies the user experience and expands its potential use. Configure to work over speech, web, sms or chat.


Virtual Teller

A special purpose configuration of the Virtual Agent solution for retail bank locations. Customers are able to quickly get their account balance, conduct account transfers and pay bills through SMS.



Don't see what you need? Let us know and we will build it for you. Our team of highly experienced consultants and developers will work you to design, build and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started.

What is an Intelligent Conversational Agent?

An Intelligent Conversational Agent is software that enables users to interact with devices, applications and systems by using natural language with a more human-like experience, regardless of communications modality. They may add-to or even replace existing user interfaces.

How are agents built and deployed utilizing the Ponvia solution?

The Ponvia dialog manager is the engine that drives the behavior of conversational agents. It orchestrates the flow of the conversation, generates the necessary presentation logic (voice, text, etc.) and manages data integration with backend systems. Conversational agents are constructed in a simple to understand markup language called DialogML.

Can a conversational agent replace my interactive voice response system?

Absolutely! In fact, Ponvia has out of the box support for most Voice Portals (VXML) and many of the popular telephony API's. Easily build natural language or directed dialog agents with the ability to add visual IVR capabilities to your agent through SMS, IP Messaging or Chat.

Does the Ponvia solution utilize artificial intelligence?

Conversational agents leverage aspects of AI, specifically machine learning classification techniques to understand the "intent" of the user. The Ponvia solution integrates with "best of breed" AI platforms including IBM Watson to provide this capability.

I hear about conversational agents being used in contact centers. How about outside of contact centers?

Conversational agents can be utilized in any environment where an end user is accessing a software application or service to perform a function. This could be an employee that utilizes an ERP system to do their job or a visitor in your building that needs directions or wants to schedule an appointment. The potential uses are truly limitless!

How are conversational agents utilized for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

As described in the previous FAQ, conversational agents can and are being utilized as the user interface for a number of different application and systems, and devices are no exception. By adding a virtual agent for a device, users are able to interact with that device in a human-like manner. This greatly simplifies the overall user experience.


A sampling of the services that we currently support.

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